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Breastmilk Jewellery

Raw nature DNA Crystal

Raw nature DNA Crystal

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This beautiful crystal is hand crafted from the gift of nature itself, moulded directly from quartz crystal directly gifted from the earth.

These crystals take on every perfect imperfection that nature created, the textures and raw earthiness of this pendant is what makes it so beautiful.


This raw DNA crystal  can hold the following inclusions 

. Breast milk

. Placenta

. Umbilical cord

. Cremation Ashes 

. Wedding or funeral flowers


DON'T FORGET YOUR FLECKS AND SHIMMERS - simply make a comment in the check out of the order for your flecks and shimmers 


DISCLOSURE - IF YOU CAN NOT REPLACE IT, DO NOT SEND IT, we will not be held responsible for loss of inclusions in the post, we do our best to protect you with our intention import licence which guarantees delivery through customs, but we can not control mishaps with the postage

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