Care Instructions

How long will it last?

All of our jewellery is made using a professional preservation method, from this we are able to craft you a stable keepsake which with the care it deserves should last you a life time of encapsulated memories.

Please don't.....

Wear your jewellery while tanning, this includes both spray tanning and solariums.

Wear your ring when using a home hair dye.

Swimming in a chlorinated pool or in the ocean.

Leave your jewellery in direct sunlight for storage.

Wear your jewellery while using harsh chemicals while cleaning.

Apply hand sanitizer to jewellery 


Please do.....

Polish your jewellery lightly with just a dry cloth

Run it under water from time to time and dry with a cotton cloth to remove any trapped dirt under claws and stones.

Wear your jewellery with pride, you deserve it !


Services we offer to rejuvenate your jewellery

You may from time to time consider posting your jewellery back to us and having a professional sand and polish done, this rejuvenates the top coat of the stone and gives it a fresh look, if at this time you wish to add a bit of shimmer to give it a bit of sparkle then this can also be done at the same time, this is only available for shimmer options and not solid colours and flecks

This service will be charged on a case by case basis and invoice will be payable before the return of your item