Collection: Rings

Our collection of DNA rings are hand casted in a 925 sterling silver base with a 18k gold vermeil overlay, this ensures that you get the best wear out of your keepsake.

As with all plated jewellery, it does require upkeep, plating as a industry standard has a life expectancy of several months, to one to two years depending on factors such as normal wear and tear, PH levels in the skin and other environmental factors unique to you and your lifestyle.

If your plating looses its colour of more than 70% of your ring within the first four weeks, we will honour your plating service for free.

Please keep in mind that when polishing your jewellery with a soft clean polish free cloth that this can lighten the vermeil plating as it removes any tarnish that may have built up, this is not an indication that that your plating has been removed altogether and we are more than happy to answer any questions in regards to this.

Plating can be rejuvenated by contacting us for the service, services for plating are priced at $50 - $75 AUD and is determined where you fit in this bracket by the weight and size of the item we are plating.

All rings in our collection can be made in solid gold and diamonds/birthstones upon request, this is an option we suggest you take into consideration when purchasing your keepsake as this greatly improves the quality, wear and tear and upkeep expenses of your costume jewellery, please contact us for a quote on this.