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Breastmilk Jewellery

Hammered Copper Ring

Hammered Copper Ring

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Breast milk looks just beautiful in these Copper settings.
This ring is available in a size 7 and 8

This ring can hold the following inclusions 

. Breast milk

. Placenta

. Umbilical cord

. Cremation Ashes 

. Wedding or funeral flowers

. Moon Cycle

. Embryo Ash

This ring can not be resized 


DON'T FORGET YOUR FLECKS AND SHIMMERS - simply make a comment in the check out of the order for your flecks and shimmers 


DISCLOSURE - IF YOU CAN NOT REPLACE IT, DO NOT SEND IT, we will not be held responsible for loss of inclusions in the post, we do our best to protect you with our intention import licence which guarantees delivery through customs, but we can not control mishaps with the postage services 

*disclaimer – soft metals such as copper do have the potential to oxidise, this can cause the wearer some mild skin discolouration, however, we can coat the inside of the ring with a thin layer of resin to prevent this upon request, please take into consideration the amount of time that you want to wear your ring and in what conditions, this ring is great for a low budget ring that is not going to be constantly worn for weeks on end*


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