Collection: Breastmilk Collection

Our breastmilk jewellery company has been established since early 2014, making us one of the very first DNA companies to service you with professional breastmilk preservation in the world.

Breastmilk jewellery is handcrafted using your very own Breastmilk, we receive your breastmilk either via mail or in person at our studio where we professionally preserve your milk with our tried and tested chemical process.

Breastmilk colours vary from one Mother to another and there for your breastmilk keepsake will be unique to you, please keep this in mind if you are comparing a pure white breastmilk stone to your request in your order, as shading of white may vary.

Instructions for packaging and posting the milk to us is emailed to you after purchase, please reply on needing 20 -30 ml for your order.