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CHRISTMAS CUT OFF DATES– Your inclusions must in the studio before the 13th of September to ensure that your order arrives to you in time for Christmas, sorry we are too busy to make exceptions.

Please be patient while we still experience some minor IT issues with the site, we are still taking orders and running on time regardless.

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EST 2014

Celebrate your most precious moments

With respect always….We promise…..

We are so very humble that you are here with us, looking at our designs and contemplating a purchase, considering us to be your artist over many others, truly, thank you!

We promise you that all of your inclusions no matter what they are, will be treated with the highest regards and responsibility, only your inclusions will be used in your keepsakes, everything will be strictly labelled and tracked so your inclusions stay safe and confined at all times.

We promise that WE DO in fact use your milk in our breastmilk keepsakes, we do not fake this method, we have worked very hard to achieve a very reliable and stable method and we are so very proud of it, you can follow the occasional behind the scene photos of us preserving your milk on our Facebook page

We promise to give our all when crafting your item, once we start crafting your item it has our full attention, we don’t swap and change between different orders, we see this as a risk of mistakes, we like to give your piece the full attention that it deserves from start to finish.

We promise to keep your privacy private, no information of any keepsake will be shared with out your permission.

We have made commitments to our business to make sure that your inclusions arrive here safe and in good order, we hold an International Import License number to ensure that your inclusion, no matter what side of the world you live in, will make its way through customs and safely to our door

Enjoy your stay!

DNA keepsakes we offer

Placenta, breastmilk, umbilical cord, ashes & hair


We were so Honored to have been selected for the 2017 Ausmumpreneur Awards in two different categories, “Business excellence”and “Customer service”.

We were so very thankful to all of our past clients for nominating us for this award and for voting for  us, the amazing amount of votes that we received meant that we were one of the very finalist to make it to the very end round of judging out of all of Australia, and while we didn’t walk away with gold this year, we are very excited for 2018 and feel that we are not only bigger and stronger than 2017 already, but more grounded, more educated, and have ticked off so many more goals at lightening speed, We are very grateful to be in this amazing position as a small business