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Our collection of DNA rings are hand casted in a 925 sterling... 


Our collection of DNA earrings are hand casted in a 925 sterling... 

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  • Yasmin Bain

    Oh my goodness, I can even express how happy I am. It’s taken me a couple weeks to get around to posting about how happy I am, as I wanted to find a chain for my pendants first. I asked Cin to make me 3 seperate pear drop pendants, all slightly different sizes to represent all my kids (2.5 year old twins and a 8 month old baby).I wanted each of their hair in their own pendant. I ordered back in April, and just got them a few weeks ago, but they were 1000000% worth the wait, and Cin put sooo much time and effort into these, and were completely handcrafted. I chose three pendants, as I wanted to wear them close to my heart. Photos don’t do them justice, they are so beautiful and even better than what I had hoped for. Thank you so so much Cin, and if anyone is thinking of getting breast milk jewellery made, I 100% recommend this amazing lady. Thank you soooo much Cin, and I will definitely be getting more things made!! And sorry about being that annoying customer will all specific requests, but you completely nailed it, more than I could have imagined was possible.

  • Zoey Dimasi

    My goodness, photos really don’t do these beautiful pieces justice.My angel first born now has his place on my special necklace, and the other charm will head to Perth for my cousin who was with me through every step of the loss.Thank you so so much for making this a reality

  • Natasha Dajc

    Have been sitting at the door all morning anxiously waiting for my ring to arrive! It’s better then I ever imagined I absolutely love it! Thank you so so much for helping celebrate the end of my feeding journey with this stunning ring