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Breastmilk Jewellery

Pre preserve kit

Pre preserve kit

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This Pre preserve kit allows you to preserve your milk at home to send in for your jewellery to be made.

This can cut preservation time on one items and gives you the peace of mind that your milk is in fact contained in your jewellery.

It also adds a level of personalisation to the entire journey knowing that you have played a part in making of the jewellery.

How it works:

The kit will contain the following;

. milkies preserving powder

. labeled Milar bag

. Full instructions for preserving  

Once the milk is received, preserved, it will be checked into the order system like any other order.

A $20 voucher will be issued to you to spend on your order.

Please note, this $20 voucher can only be applied to new orders, please, if using this pre preserve kit, wait to place your order for your keepsake until the voucher is received so as you can use it as a credit towards your order, otherwise, this voucher can be used for future orders.

There can be no exceptions to this, we apologise in advance.

If you receive the kit and decide to not order a keepsake, no refund will be available to you for the price of the pre preserve kit.

Kits our posted out via regular mail and do not have a tracking number.

Preservation of the milk comes at a small user error risk, we can not be held responsible for user error and if required you may purchase another Milkies  preserving powder from the store if needed for immediate shipment.






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