How to send your inclusions

We need about 10-20mls (1oz) of milk. You can express with a pump or by hand or if you have a strong let down, just hold a cup under your opposite breast while feeding bub.
Please do not send more than 30ml as larger bags are more likely to leak.

Use a breastmilk storage bag, wrapped in paper towel and placed inside a ziplock bag to send your milk.
Alternatively, place the breast milk into a ziplock bag and then into 2-3 more ziplock bags so if it leaks we will still get all the liquid gold. This is the riskier option so please try the first method.

***Please DO NOT send vials, cups or containers, they almost always leak!***

We strongly advise that you photograph your inclusions you are sending and keep for personal referece alog with your tracking number if you have one.

Be sure to label every inclusion with your name and the childs name if the inclusions are for more than one child, include a had written or tryed note in with your order and sealed in a ziplock bag to protect form leaks clearly stating what inclusions are in the package you are sending and for what item of jewelery they will be included in.

This was, if you fail to include an intende inclusion in your package then we can immediately address the issue.

Please write your full name on the pouch and place the pouch in a padded envelope or CD mailer box. The cost
should be about $3 – $5.
Please send the milk to-

PO Box 109
Miners Rest
3352 Victoria