Here we endeavour to answer all of the most commonly asked questions.

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~ How do I know it is my inclusions in my jewellery?

~ Does the jewellery turn brown?

~ How do I package and send my inclusions ?

~ How do I know you have received my inclusions?

~ What is the turn around time of my jewellery?

~ I live in a different country, how do I get my milk to you?

~ Can I personally drop off my inclusions and pay cash ?

~ Do you have a studio or is this made in your kitchen ?

~ How do I add a description of what shimmers and flecks I want ?

~ How do I choose my ring size?

~ You have more of my milk banked and I want to order again

~ Where do I find the returns form ?

~ I want to change the order or add flecks and shimmers

~ I want to change my address after order


How do I know it is my inclusions in my jewellery?

This is a common question, and we totally get why you may feel nervous in regards to your precious inclusions and want to have some sense of security knowing that your will infect, one, have milk added to your piece, and two, have your milk added to your piece.

Here at BMJ, we pride ourselves on a stable Breastmilk preservation method, we often go live in our VIP group and on out Facebook business page and preserve milk live, we find this gives the customer a insight to behind the scenes that makes them feel more comfortable.

We only open one package at a time, each item in the package is recorded and clearly labeled, this label, with your name and order number, follows your inclusions through every process and step in the studio.

Every order has its own pigeon hole, which is clearly labeled with your name, everything is separated from other orders to ensure there is no mix up.

Does the jewellery turn brown?

No, we have a proven and approved preservation method.

Your Milk and other inclusions are preserved professionally with solvents and preservatives that have been approved by the Australia Government as stable methods of preservation, this approval is needed for the ability to hold a import license number and is reassessed and approved every three years.

We do however warn that not heeding the special care instructions supplied with your jewellery can cause it to darken, this is fixable but comes at a case by case cost.

Your ring breastmilk can go through a normal change called "settling into colour", this is where the milk stone will slightly shift to a slightly less white, this is absolutely normal and happens to most Breastmilk, below is an example of this settling into colour and is not something that you should be concerned about at all, it generally happens within the first three months and will not continue to darken after this settlement has taken place

How do I package and send my inclusions ?

Please only post your inclusions after you have placed an order, this includes finalizing lay buys.

Milk without a matching order will not fast track your order once placed as the milk will only be preserved once and order is completely paid.

Inclusions without an order number will be returned to sender after a period of time.

We need about 10-20mls (1oz) of milk. You can express with a pump or by hand or if you have a strong let down, just hold a cup under your opposite breast while feeding bub.

We honor three months from the time of ordering to post to us our inclusions, this gives you plenty of time to collect your milk, if, upon agreement with Breastmilk Jewellery, we honor an extension, you will be required to pay any difference in price rises that has occurred since the time of your purchase.

Please do not send more than 30ml as larger bags are more likely to leak.

Use a breastmilk storage bag, wrapped in paper towel and placed inside a ziplock bag to send your milk.
Alternatively, place the breast milk into a ziplock bag and then into 2-3 more ziplock bags so if it leaks we will still get all the liquid gold. This is the riskier option so please try the first method.

***Please DO NOT send vials, cups or containers, they almost always leak!***

We strongly advise that you photograph your inclusions you are sending and keep for personal reference along with your tracking number if you have one.

Be sure to label every inclusion with your order number, name and the childs name if the inclusions are for more than one child, include a had written or typed note in with your order and sealed in a ziplock bag to protect form leaks clearly stating what inclusions are in the package you are sending and for what item of jewellery they will be included in.

If you fail to include a inclusion in your package as you have changed your mind on something such as you decided against the hair and just sent the milk, please let us know.

Please write your full name on the pouch and place the pouch in a padded envelope or CD mailer box. The cost

should be about $3 – $5.
Please send the milk to-

PO Box 109
Miners Rest
3352 Victoria


How do I know you received my inclusions?

As our location is located out of town, we do our post pick up on a Wednesday, the received inclusions are stored in the fridge in their packages until they are checked into the system, this normally takes place between Wednesday and Friday.

You will see a change in the status of your order on the Live crafting table in the main menu.

The inclusions are preserved on a Saturday through to Monday.

The live tracking table may be a few days delayed to the current stage of your order due to Cindy being the only staff member in the department of this area as well as the crafting of the DNA keepsakes, certain changes to her plans as she is also a birthing doula, which may impact the schedules from time to time. (birth is unpredictable)


What is the turn around time of my jewellery?

The whole process takes about 13 - 16 weeks from the day we receive your milk / inclusions.

Laybuy payments will have the same wait time from the date of the final payment of the laybuy, we ask that you send in your inclusions after the laybuy is finalized as we will preserve your inclusions after the contract of sale is secure.

We reserve the right to change this wait time without notice to reflect our workload, it is up to you to keep yourself updated on the facebook page as to the changes to this wait time.

Post generally takes around 1 week within Australia, 2-4 weeks from overseas – both for the milk to get to me and the jewellery to get back.

I live in a different country, how do I get my milk to you?

Here at BMJ, we hold a international import license number with Australia Customs for the receiving of biological inclusions from all over the world, this is not only a great way for you to feel secure in posting your inclusions, but is also peace of mind that our preservation method of milk is professional, stable and approved, as holding an import licence requires us to prove to customs this method.


It is soul responsibility of the customer to fully read, understand and follow the instructions of international post orders, failure to do so WILL result in destruction of your goods at Australian Customs and may also result in a warning or possible fine from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

for further information on compliance and risk, you can contact Elsa Hunter, Investigator – Enforcement section, Melbourne Compliance Division at Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 0466 328 706

Download this form HERE and fill the form out correctly, making sure to read the entire form and abiding by the clear instructions Permit: 0000262751
Permit Conditions
It is the Importer’s responsibility to ensure that the following permit conditions are met in
relation to each consignment. Where more than one set of permit conditions is shown for a commodity please read each set of conditions to determine which applies to a specific consignment.

1. Products containing biological material
This section contains permit conditions for the following commodity (or commodities):
1. Human Therapeutics
1.1. Bio-security Pathway
This permit allows for the import of the following products only:
– Human breast milk
– Human placenta
– Human umbilical cord

For further information please contact:
Regional – Clearance assistance:
Canberra – Administrative assistance or technical assistance: email
imports@agriculture.gov.au (See Attachments) or phone 1800 900 09

Can I personally drop off my inclusions and pay cash ?

We do sometimes allow this but as a general rule we only make accessions for memorial clients 

Do you have a studio or is this made in your kitchen ?

We have a purpose built studio, this allows us to have the space and organisation to complete the high demand for our service 

How do I add a description of what shimmers and flecks I want ?

We suggest looking at the shimmers and flecks page and seeing some examples of what certain flecks and shimmers look like before you decide.

Once you have decided, please make it clear in the notes at check out what your selection is, if there is no notes, then your order will be made as straight milk.

How do I choose my ring size?

As we have a professional in-house jeweller, Jenny, we suggest that you head to a local jewellers and have a free ring sizing done to make a accurate choice in size 

You have more of my milk banked and I want to order again

It is important that if you have milk banked with us here or wanting a item made with no DNA and you wish to order again that you do all of the following when ordering:

Fill out this online submission

Post a printed copy of your order to us despite not having any inclusions to post.

Add a note to your order informing us that the milk is "banked" and if your name has changed since your last order, be sure to add these details to your order so it is easy for us to find 

Where do I find the returns form ?

You can download fill out the returns form in the Contact Us menu.


I want to change the order or add flecks and shimmers

Unfortunately due to a high demand of orders we do not accept change of mind on item or flecks and shimmers.

Flecks and shimmers MUST be added to the customer notes of the order or they will not be included in your item.

Please understand that we do remind you to add your flecks and shimmers at the end of each listing

I want to change my address after order

we suggest that if you are anticipating that you may be moving address that you plan ahead and make the appropriate steps for personally re directing your mail, as we can not be held responsible for loss of parcels due to posting you moving address.

we only ship to the address supplied on the paperwork of the order placed at the time of ordering, changing your address on your account does not warrant an upgrade of postage information as your order is printed out and stored with your inclusions upon arrival 

My jewellery has arrived and it is not as I envisioned 

All items are hand made, as the maker of your jewellery is an artist, it is important to remember that their perception of your instructions on your order could vary from your own.

At times, there may be a need to slightly modify one instruction to honor another, for example, if you order flecks, hair and milk together with shimmer, the artist holds the right to remove or lessen one of the crafting inclusions (shimmer or fleck) if they feel that this will result in a keepsakes that takes away from another inclusion, for example the covering up of hair too much.

The artist will not always have time to consult with you on this.

Placing your order is agreement that you understand this