Design your own Keepsake


Welcome to the next level of Keepsake Jewellery.

Breastmilk Jewellery is honoured to be leading and paving the way for exceptional Keepsakes all over the world, as the first Keepsake company to bring to the world our exclusive service where you become the creator of your own Keepsake.

With our expertise and guidance, we can support you in designing the perfect Keepsake for you, be it one of a kind or a replication of your Grandmothers favourite ring, this is where magic happens!


To get started,  fill out the custom order form HERE

Quotes for custom made items check list:


  • Must supply 1 or more DETAILED and clear photo. No blurry pictures will be accepted, more than 1 angle is strongly recommend.

  • Materials: What materials do you want this to be made out of? Sterling silver is not recommended as silver items tend to cost about as much as 9k gold prices. (See FAQ for reason why)

Size: What is the size of the item?

  • Rings – What is your ring size? (finger you want to wear this one)

  • Pendant – What is the size of the pendant? Do you want chains? If so, what length?

  • Earrings (Hooks) – What is the size of the earring? This measurement does not include the drop of the hook, so keep in mind that it will hang from the hook. Do you want standard hook or a custom length hook? If custom, please send measurement and photo of the kind of hook you want.

  • Earrings (Studs) – What size studs do you want?

  • IMPORTANT: All the above MUST have size of bezel or stone size wanted for each design.

Stones: What kind of stones do you want in your setting? (If any) Options are as follows:

  • Diamond. Natural, white, G-SI grade unless specified otherwise.

  • Moissanite. Lab created diamond substitute. Good for clarity and hardness, and inexpensive.

  • January birth stone: Garnet – Red or green colour. Can be used however you want

  • February birth stone: Amethyst – Purple, lavender. Cannot be used in small settings like halo or shoulders, the small cuts of stones will loose their colour if cut too small. Min size – 3mm (Like water in a pool, deep pool is blue, water in a glass is clear)

  • March birthstone: Aquamarine – Light blue. Cannot be used in small settings like halo or shoulders, the small cuts of stones will loose their colour if cut too small. Min size – 2mm

  • April birthstone – See diamond

  • May birthstone: Emerald – Comes in different shades of green, from minty to forest. Must specify when ordering. Can be made into anything

  • June birthstone: Pearl (white, pink, yellow or black) , Moonstone – We do not use fake pearls. Customers are to give a ball park figure regarding this category and they will get the best quality within budget.

  • July birthstone: Ruby – Available mostly in raspberry pink. Blood red rubies are
    EXPENSIVE at approx $4000~6000 AUD per carat (about 6mm in size) but the normal kind of much more affordable, can be made into anything.

  • August birthstone: Peridot – Light grass green, can be made into anything.

  • September birthstone: Sapphire – Available in blue, pink, or yellow. Can be made into anything.

  • October birthstone: Tourmaline – Available in teal green, wine pink, light navy blue, black. A great stone with many alternative colours and uses, can be made into anything.

  • November birthstone: Citrine – Honey colour stone. Cannot be used in small settings like halo or shoulders, the small cuts of stones will loose their colour if cut too small. Min size – 2mm

  • December birthstone: Topaz, Tanzanite – Topaz comes in lighter blue, navy blue, white, yellow or pink. Affordable and easy to use, can be made into anything. Tanzanite is lavender purple to darker purple, more expensive but can also be made into anything.


How will my jewellery last?

Each item purchased via us is made to last a life time with some great care and love towards the item and also basic care instructions.

Why are silver items so expensive?

The way sterling silver jewellery is made is very similar to that of gold items. However, because the metal is softer and with a lower melting temperate it actually is a harder metal to work with and therefore, takes more care and takes longer to work with. This time and difficulty will often reflect in the price of a custom piece, hence the higher price for sterling silver items vs gold.

Can you use my old metals?

Yes we can. We can melt down old golds with or without stones in them. However this process will not save much money as the cost you get back will be the minimal market price from a gold merchant; not the price you paid for across the counter. If your jewellery have gemstones in them, they will be sent back to you unless otherwise specified. Please note often it will cost more to remove set stones from a piece of jewel than money saved, and often not recommended for anything under 2mm per stone in size.

What metal should I choose?

One important decision is which metal you should choose? You may be wondering what exactly the ‘ct’, sometimes seen as ‘K’, refers to. The ‘carat’ of a metal denotes the percentage of pure gold in the alloy, with 9ct being 37.5% and 18ct 75% pure gold. Many come in and ask if it is true that 9ct gold is harder than 18ct gold. This is a misconception. In the case of white gold, the reverse is true, 18ct white cold in considerably harder than 9ct white gold. In yellow and rose golds, the hardness between the two is virtually the same. Gold, in its pure form, is one of the least reactive elements so 9ct gold, having been mixed with a higher percentage of other elements, therefore, is less resistant to exposure to chemicals, such as chlorine for example. Exposure to chemicals and perspiration can mean your 9ct jewellery may appear dull and discoloured. At the end of the day, though more expensive, 18ct gold has twice the gold content of 9ct making it superior in terms of durability and performance.

How to measure my ring size

Many local jewellery shops will measure for free and we can use any sizing from many companies to confirm your ring size. The best thing to do if you have an uncommon size (something really small or really big) is to give us your ring size plus the size in mm. Here is a good website for reference of sizing and how to measure.


If we have ignited some inspiration and excited you with the possibilities of what is possible, please get in touch with Jenny on our Facebook Page for custom listings and be sure to have a short list handy of the above answers and considerations to the FAQ above.

Including a photo or a sketch of the item you are wanting is a great way to replay what you are wanting and we encourage this when making an enquiry for a quote