How to preserve your own breastmilk for crafting

How to preserve your own breastmilk for crafting

Welcome to the art of milk preservation, where you have the pleasure of crafting your very own keepsake.

What you will need in addition to this kit can most likely be found at home in your kitchen right now.

You will need the following:

  • 5ml of breastmilk
  • a square of baking paper 
  • two pots to use as a double boiler 
  • a mortar and pestle or a small bowl and a spoon fro grinding into powder.


Set up your two pots as a double boiler, adding water to only the bottom pot, let the water come to a simmer and heat the top pot up.

Add 5ml of breastmilk to the top pot and warm the milk

Once the milk is warm, add the entire packet of Milkies Preserving Powder to the milk

Stir the powder through the breastmilk thoroughly until the milk becomes a thick paste, like toothpaste.

Spread the milk onto the baking paper and let dry for 24 -48 hrs ( if the milk is cold to the touch it is most likely still not dry enough ) 

Once the milk is dry, place the milk onto a mortar and pestle or your bowl fro grinding and grind the milk into the finest powder you can (if the milk sticks to the side of the bowl in a paste consistency then the milk needs more drying, repeat the above step) 

your milk is now ready to be used in crafting your keepsake or sending to a DNA artist for crafting with.


DIY powders are a fantastic for some sentimental, in your own home craft, preserving tour memories, but nothing compares to a professional preservation of such a sentimental inclusion such as breastmilk.

DIY powders of any kind contain colour stabilisers to account for user error as preservation of Breastmilk professionally requires many years of experience and skill.

Please keep this powder safe from little hands and do not attempt to consume your powder.

Remove any resin contact with skin immediately with rubbing alcohol based product or suitable diluted essential oil.

If irritation occurs consult your medical practitioner immediately.


Many thanks for being such a wonderful community here at Breastmilk Jewellery.



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