Hi there, I am Cindy, the creator and owner of BMJ

Hi there, I am Cindy, the creator and owner of BMJ

Hi there, I am Cindy, so nice to see you here!

Let me tell you a little about how this Journey of this amazing business started for me.

Like a lot of families who have been through, going through, or may go through in the future devastating loss of a child, I was determined to hold onto any memory of our little boy, I felt the need to keep everything physical I had of him, right down to the wrist band from the hospital that was on my arm, these thing, in a way, proved his existence to me, and everyone else, and in a way I felt as though by keeping these things with me, he was still earth side with me in some way.

I cam across keepsake Jewellery for loss, it intrigued me straight away, I really wanted to have something that I could hold close to me and take with me everywhere, but the though of sending my precious inclusions abroad scared the hell out of me, so, I decided, I would make my own keepsake.

I proudly shared my craft with my friends online, they saw magic and meaning in the piece and shared it with their own friends, pretty soon, I had orders coming in that were referred to me by word of mouth, then I realised, wow!, I think this is what my calling is, I felt as though my son, in some way of fate, had given me something to comfort me.

Although making these pieces for other mothers who were celebrating the life of their child the majority of the time was a little tough on my heart strings at the start, it soon turned into a comfort, and pretty soon I was so engrossed with the want to heal, connect and celebrate every family successes and feel like I had made a difference in their lives.

And so Breastmilk Jewellery was born.

Established in 2014, we are still going strong and have become one of the worlds leading Keepsake jewellers, we are proud to have come so far and have so much planned for the future for this amazing business.

As a Mother of two earthside children, it can get very hectic, but I love the support and constant encouragement that my followers, friends and family give me on a daily basis, I really do feel I am living the dream.

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Hi, I am looking at purchasing a keepsake ring that will have my daughters ashes in them. I was just wondering if I am able to drop the ashes off to you and how much of the ashes do you require? Ash.

Ashley Greathead

Hi Cindy, with your oval halo ring, what’s the dimension of the oval? Thanks.



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