Hi I am Jenny, the in-house Jewellery at BMJ

Hi I am Jenny, the in-house Jewellery at BMJ

I am excited t have had the opportunity to come on board with the amazing business Breastmilk Jewellery, my skill and qualifications brings to this business a edge and style that has never been seen before in the keepsake industry.

I am your jeweller, Jenny, when you order a custom made ring or design a keepsake, it is me who lovingly hand creates this piece for you.

how did my passion start?....

Have you ever walked down the street and passed one of those big bling-bling jewellery store with the ridiculous sales tags? I see them often. Especially on holiday seasons. Personally I don't like them much. Not because they don't have pretty things but because of the lack of transparency.
Jewellery to me is suppose to be something special, something made with a thought in mind, something that is made to withstand time and can carry throughout generations. And this little store's philosophy is just that.
Quite a while back I had the good fortune to cross paths with some great talents. People with good hands, good eyes and great skills. They taught me things, they shared their passion and today as a team we are able to bring you this store.
We are creators, makers, drawers and photographers, we are tinkers, doers and we love to play. This is a place where we will share with you our skills, our knowledge and make pieces that will carry throughout the years to come.

I really look forward to working with you in the future 

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