The truth of adding Diamonds to Sterling Silver

The truth of adding Diamonds to Sterling Silver

We get asked a lot in regards to how to achieve a quality ring with the all the bells and whistles at the lowest cost, and to be honest, investing in a piece of jewellery can, for some, be a big investment.
Your new bling is something that you are going to staring at and admiring quite a lot during the day, and others will be having a sly glance also, so it is important that you not only get the best advice you can on choosing the best materials, but you actually LIKE the item you have purchased.

One of the biggest questions that we get asked is if we can set diamonds in sterling silver, and to honest, yes, we can, but we don’t at all recommend it for either lab made or natural diamonds.
Sterling silver is a soft metal, and setting diamonds into a sterling silver setting run the risk of the diamond falling out.

If it is the look of sterling silver and the luxury of diamonds that appeals to you then we highly recommend upgrading to white gold, white gold is a very strong metal, white gold is made from pure gold and a mixture of white metals, generally nickel and palladium, making it scratch resistant and very strong, stronger than yellow or rose gold.
Some choose to rhodium plate their gold, however it is a big misconception that this is a must.

So now you are probably wondering if you are stuck with a sterling silver setting with a cheap CZ stone?, the answer is no, just like diamonds, CZ also have different grades, the lowest grade being an A and the highest being a AAAAA, CZ definitely lack some of the qualities a diamonds has, for one they do not have the depth and brilliance of a natural diamonds and do not hold light the same way, but they do both have a beautiful sparkle especially when you have an amazing cut and high grade, in fact, some can’t even tell the difference between the two unless they know what they are looking for.

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