Chemical Vapor Deposition diamonds, CVD diamonds make the cut!

Chemical Vapor Deposition diamonds, CVD diamonds make the cut!

CVD, or Chemicall Vapor Deposition, diamonds. To the uninitiated, the name is often met with blank stares and raised eyebrows; most people have no idea (or an erroneous idea) of what CVD diamonds even are. And that’s unfortunate, because for anyone interested in diamonds, their environmental and social impact, and their cost, CVD diamonds are definitely worth looking into.
Simply put, some diamonds come from below ground and some come from above ground CVD diamonds are man-made diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds which take billions of years to form deep beneath the Earth’s surface, CVD diamonds are grown in labs. Specifically, CVD diamonds rely on a special process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (or CVD).
They may be called “synthetic,” but don’t let the term fool you. Everything, from their internal atomic structure to the way they glitter on your finger, CVD diamonds are identical to the mined diamonds that have to be excavated from the ground. CVD diamonds look exactly like so-called “natural” diamonds. In fact, even a trained jeweler cannot identify the difference. And this isn’t just the opinion of diamond manufacturers, either; in 2018, the FTC ruled that, for all intents and purposes, synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds are the same thing: 100% a diamond!

So, if you've made it this far into the post, you'd be wondering, how much are they?
In the market, these stones can be sold for anywhere from $1000 to $4000 a carat in a shop, however if you really want to know about the trade secret, is that these stones only costs around $500-600 a carat for something semi decent. Not the top of the line, but good enough for a nice fat bling on your finger.

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