Shipping and Returns

How do i send my inclusions?

We need about 10-20mls (1oz) of milk. You can express with a pump or by hand or if you have a strong let down, just hold a cup under your opposite breast while feeding bub.
Please do not send more than 30ml as larger bags are more likely to leak.

Use a breastmilk storage bag, wrapped in paper towel and placed inside a ziplock bag to send your milk.
Alternatively, place the breast milk into a ziplock bag and then into 2-3 more ziplock bags so if it leaks we will still get all the liquid gold. This is the riskier option so please try the first method.

***Please DO NOT send vials, cups or containers, they almost always leak!***

Please write your full name on the pouch and place the pouch in a padded envelope or CD mailer box. The cost
should be about $3 – $5.
Please send the milk to-

PO Box 109
Miners Rest
3352 Victoria


Does the Australia Post allow breast milk to be shipped?

Yes. It just has to be marked “liquid”.

Breast milk separates, is this OK?

Yes, this is fine, we fully mix all milk before beginning the process.

Can I use frozen milk?

Yes, just be sure to defrost it before sending so the envelope doesn’t get wet and rip.

How will I know when you’ve received my milk?

You will receive a update in your “my account”
Once we have shipped your product it will be marked as ‘shipped’.
You will be notified by email when the status changes.

How long will it take?

The whole process takes about 13 -16 weeks from the day we receive your milk.
Post generally takes around 1 week within Australia, 2-4 weeks from overseas – both for the milk to get to me and the jewellery to get back.

Why is mine taking longer than normal ?
Everyone’s milk is different, some milk comes out of my pot almost dry and some take a week to be dry enough to add it to the jewellery, adding it before it is ready compromises the jewellery’s life span

If you have anymore questions feel free to ring us on 0481192404 or email hello@breastmilkjewellery.c

Permit: 0000262751
Permit Conditions
It is the Importer’s responsibility to ensure that the following permit conditions are met in
relation to each consignment. Where more than one set of permit conditions is shown for a commodity please read each set of conditions to determine which applies to a specific consignment.

1. Products containing biological material
This section contains permit conditions for the following commodity (or commodities):
1. Human therapeutics
1.1. Biosecurity Pathway
This permit allows for the import of the following products only:
– Human breast milk
– Human placenta
– Human umbilical cord

1. The imported products must be imported in volumes no greater than 50ml for breast milk
or 20g for dehydrated placenta and dehydrated umbilical cord.
2. The human breast milk must be transported in a sealed leak proof container (place the breastmilk in a breastmilk stage bag, seal and wrap in absorbing paper, or, place milk into a doubled lined zilock bag and wrap in absorbing paper) and placed in a secondary container with absorbent material to absorb any
3. The human dried placenta and/or dried umbilical cord must be transported in a sealed
container. (ziplock bag is fine)
4. Samples not accompanied by the necessary documentation, verifying the treatment
undertaken, must be gamma irradiated at 50 kGray (5 Mrad) on arrival.
5. It is the importer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all international (eg IATA)
and domestic requirements concerning the safe handling, transport and labeling of
biological material.
6. The imported product may be used for the production of jewellery/mementoes only.
7. The imported human products must be handled using gloves during further processing to
reduce any potential risk of infection.
8. This Import Permit prohibits the goods to be distributed, sold or used for veterinary or
agricultural purposes including any use associated with livestock.
9. Each consignment must be accompanied by a supplier’s declaration. (found at your post office) The declaration
must meet the format described by this permit and state:
i) The breast milk has been sterilised at a minimum temperature of 121°C for 15-20 minutes
in a pressure cooker; ( or boil your milk in the microwave to flash heat it is fine also) and
ii) The placenta and umbilical cord have been sterilised at a minimum temperature of 150°C
for 150 minutes, or 160°C for 120 minutes, or 170°C for 60 minutes or 180° for 30 min. (generally your placenta and umbilical cord would have been preserved by a encapsulation specialist anyway) so its fine to send as is
10. The declaration must be provided by:
the supplier.
1. Supplier
– The declaration must be made by the supplier.
2. Letterhead
– The declaration must be on the supplier’s letterhead (to include full name, address and
contact number). (this is YOUR personal details)
3. Identification of goods.
– The declaration must be specific to the product(s) listed on this permit. Product names
must be included on the suppliers’ declaration.
– The declaration must be included with the consignment.
4. Statements
– All statements must be written in English.
– All statements must be legible and appear above the signature of the supplier.
– The declaration must contain the correct statement/s as required by the import conditions.
– The declaration must be free from erasures and non certified alterations.
5. Identification of the supplier.
– The declaration must state the name of the supplier.
– Declarations must bear the signature of the supplier
6. Date
– The declaration must state the date of issue
– Declarations must be issued within the last 6 months (unless otherwise specified in this
import permit)
b. Conditions of Administration
1. Documents must be provided with each consignment which:
1.1. identify the consignment e.g. entry number.
1.2. identify all goods being imported as part of this consignment e.g. invoice or waybill
or importer’s manifest.
1.3. describe the goods being imported (where not clear). Example 1: Product XRab =
Permit: 0000262751 Page 5 of 5
Delegate of Director of Quarantine
Jo Haley Date: 22 January 2016
Purified protein derived from rabbits. Example 2: Product AX = Synthetic antibiotic.
Example 3: Comte = Cheese.
2. For further information please contact:
Regional – Clearance assistance:
Canberra – Administrative assistance or technical assistance: email (See Attachments) or phone 1800 900 09

Or email me at

99% of the time my international customers do not have any issue with the posting of their inclusions without the permit, but it is here in case it provides you more comfort


Cindy takes great pride and care in her work, every piece is a extension of herself and every order is hand made with a great deal of admiration for the Journey that the piece will represent to the owner.
The professional preservation method of Breastmilk is a trade skill that Cindy has worked very hard at perfecting, every DNA artist has their own method, these methods consists of a “dry”or a “wet”method, Cindy has perfected both a dry and a wet method.
Not all breastmilk is the same color, some has a blue tinge, some is creamy and others is a little on the very light orange side, it really does depend on the length of time that the mother has been feeding and also their diet.
As you can understand this color variation can reflect in the individual items crafted, especially when a “dry”method is used, so, having said that, if your piece is not pure white, then that is because your milk is not pure white.

We do not offer refunds as materials and time go into each item we produce.
If your milk gets lost in the post there is nothing we can do. Please send it again.
If you are sending ashes in the post we recommend you pay for a tracking number so you know where the parcel is at all times.
Once you have ordered it is your responsibility to send the milk, placenta, etc. If you haven’t sent it within 6 months, your order status will be changed to Expired. Please contact via email if you wish to change your order, store credit may be issued on a case by case basis but refunds are not possible as materials are purchased to complete orders as they come through.

Who creates my Jewellery?

Currently, Cindy is the only one that will create your Jewellery.
Jessie, Breastmilk Jewellery’s admin, can also craft your item in the states if you do not want to ship to Australia, please enquirer before placing order .

Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately due to all of our items being hand crafted and containing materials that are of no value to any one else but the buyer, we do not refund.
We may consider a store credit on a case to case basis