Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit
Milkies DIY kit

Milkies DIY kit

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DIY kits come with the following included in the kit 

  • resin A and B 
  • stir cups 
  • stir sticks
  • flecks and shimmers 
  • milkies preserving powder 
  • hand made mould and or setting 
  • glue if needed
  • blue tack if needed
  • instructions 
  • care card

extra purchasable stock (such as shimmers and flecks) is available by contacting us via email for inquiries at 

one packet of preserving powder will preserve 5ml of breastmilk

preserved 5ml of breastmilk will make the equivalent to 8 crystal pendants

Instructions for the kit are as follows:

What you will need in addition to this kit can most likely be found in your kitchen right now.
You will need the following:
. 5ml of breastmilk
. a square of parchment paper
. two pots to use as a double boiler
. a mortar and pestle or a small bowl and a desert spoon for grinding into a powder
Set up your two pots as a double boiler, adding water to only the bottom pot, let the water come to a simmer and heat up the top pot.
Add 5ml of Breastmilk to the top pot and warm the milk
Once the milk is warm, add the entire packet of "milkies preserving powder"
Stir the powder into the breastmilk thoroughly until the milk becomes thick and forms a thick paste.
Spread the milk onto the parchment paper and let dry for 24 - 48 hrs ( if it feels cold to the touch it is most likely still not dry enough for the next step)
Once the milk is dry, place the milk into a mortar and pestel or your bowl for grinding and grind the milk into the finest powder you can. (if the milk sticks to the sides of the mortar and pestel then it is not dry enough)
Mix the resin according to the ingredients on the bottle of resin supplied, stir slowly to avoid bubbles, any excess bubbles can be removed by lightly scraping them from the top of the resin.
When your resin is fully mixed, add as much or as little of the preserving powder to the resin until you achieve the desired colouring , less milk makes for a more opaque look while more milk powder makes for a more solid colouring.
Once you have milk consistency you desire, add your selected shimmers and or flecks to the milk.
Secure your setting with a piece of blue-tack so the setting is even and secure.
Slowly fill the setting with your milk using the stir stick to slowly drip the milk into the setting.
Let cure for 24 - 48 hours.
Add the milk slowly to the mould and scrape off any bubbles that remain on the surface, let the resin cure for 24-48 hours before demolding.
Mix a 1-1 ratio of resin supplied, allow this to thicken up for best curing results.
Attach the bail or bead cores with the resin in the same manner as you would a glue, let sit for 4 hours before wearing.
Please don't.....Wear your jewellery while tanning, this includes both spray tanning and solarium's.
Wear your ring when using a home hair dye.
Swimming in a chlorinated pool or in the ocean.
Leave your jewellery in direct sunlight for storage.
Wear your jewellery while using harsh chemicals while cleaning. 
Please do.....Polish your jewellery lightly with just a dry cloth.
Run it underwater from time to time and dry with a cotton cloth to remove any trapped dirt under claws and stones.
Wear your jewellery with pride, you deserve it !
DIY kits are fantastic for some sentimental, in your own home craft, preserving your memories, but nothing compares to professional preservation of such a sentimental inclusion such as breastmilk.
DIY powders of any kind contain colour stabilizers to account for user error as preservation of breastmilk professionally requires many years of experience and skill.
Please keep this powder safe from little hands and do not attempt to consume your powder.
Remove any resin contact with your skin immediately with rubbing alcohol-based product or suitable diluted essential oil.
If irritation occurs consult your local medical practitioner immediately.

There is also a youtube tutorial here, the tutorial is made from the photos above, feel free to make your own FB media-friendly version 
Extra packets of powder can be found here
Congratulations! - you have found it!! - you will receive a free crystal mould and bead mould with your order for all orders placed between Sunday 4th April 2021 - Tuesday 6th April 2021.