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Filling Fee

Filling Fee

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A filling fee is a service that we offer that gives you the opportunity to give your old jewellery a new lease on life and turn it from an old ring that is missing stones to a sentimental item that carries your beloved inclusions.

Not all jewellery is fit for a filling fee, we advise strongly that you first contact us via facebook or email so as we can assess the piece first and give you a realistic expectation of the ring.

If you are purchasing a ring from a jeweller for this purpose we ask that you please ask the jeweller to remove the stone for you, you will need to send both the ring and the stone so as we can make an exact copy of the stone for your jewellery ( there may be slight variations).

For us to start on your order, you must first supply us with this agreement, you can either post it in with your jewellery or email it to us 



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