Carry Me Key Chain/Keepsake

Carry Me Key Chain/Keepsake

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Are you not much of a jewellery person but still have a deep-seated sentimental need to carry something close to you?

Then these Carry Me Keepsakes are perfect for you.

Hang them on the Christmas Tree, or use it as a Keyring, or even a tag for your nappy bag.

You may choose from the drop-down to add this keepsake as an add on to your order you are placing today (this is not redeemable for past orders)

If ordering flecks for this item, they will only be added to the centre heart.

Shimmers can be added to the entire keepsake.

DON'T FORGET YOUR FLECKS AND SHIMMERS - simply make a comment in the check out of the order for your flecks and shimmers 


DISCLOSURE - IF YOU CAN NOT REPLACE IT, DO NOT SEND IT, we will not be held responsible for loss of inclusions in the post, we do our best to protect you with our intention import licence which guarantees delivery through customs, but we can not control mishaps with the postage services