Tree Of Life Pendant ~Maid in the Woods Exclusive


This Pendant is an exclusive design that belongs to Maid In The Woods.
Available in Copper, Silver, Gold filled and Rose Gold Filled

The main photo (the pretty coloured cab with the moon stone) is a unique design that is made using a style they call petrie, if you wish to have this design please be sure to contact us on the facebook page first to organise, the coloured part of the cab pictured does not and cannot include milk, you will need to include a moon or a star to this design for your inclusions.

The effect of this petrie style is random, and while you can advise of colours you may want, once the inks are in the mold they take on thier own forms and patterns

Cab size is 30mm

How does it work?

Here you will purchase your personal DNA inclusions stone ONLY,  ( this is not the entire cost of the finished product ) after the purchase, head to and purchase your commission for Doreen to hand wrap your pendant in this beautiful design. You will choose your wire type, chain length and the position of the tree (side or centre). Then, post me your inclusions as usual, and enclose your order confirmation from Maid in The Woods in the package. We will send your completed cab to Maid In The Woods to be wire wrapped and sent back to us. We will then ship your completed pendant to you.

Please keep in mind that Maid In The Woods has her own wait time and this may impact ours.

You can check out some more of Doreen’s beautiful work at her instagram account


Here is a guide to how much of some of the inclusions you need to send:

Breast milk – 20 ~30 ml of defrosted Breastmilk

Umbilical – Please post your umbilical cord on the clip, advise us if you wish us to use all or part of this inclusion, the rest will be returned to you with your purchase

Placenta – 1 ~2 capsules or 1 tablespoon of loose placenta powder

Ashes – 2 teaspoons


This item is not limited to the inclusions listed above, if you wish to speak with us about a unique design please be sure to contact us on our facebook page or email us first


** Due to your keepsake being as unique as you are, we, unfortunately, do not offer refunds, please be sure to read our terms and conditions on our FAQ page before ordering**

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Additional information


Breastmilk, Placenta, First curl, Cremation ashes, Greenery, hair


Gold, White, Pearl, Blue, Purple


Opal (please purchase from store), Gold, Unicorn (rainbow) Green, Blue, Pink


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