If you can not replace it DO NOT ORDER OR SEND IT, we can not be held responsible for the loss or damage of items in the post, or the need to re-preserve milk/inclusions or if your inclusions are lost and you can not relocate them to post.

Do not make an order based on the hope that you will one day have the inclusions to post, eg; “ill order now and when the baby is born and my milk comes in I’ll post it off”, as these are situations that can not be predicted and we will not be held responsible for your lost items

How do i send my inclusions?

We need about 10-20mls (1oz) of milk. You can express with a pump or by hand or if you have a strong let down, just hold a cup under your opposite breast while feeding bub.
Please do not send more than 30ml as larger bags are more likely to leak.

Use a breastmilk storage bag, wrapped in paper towel and placed inside a ziplock bag to send your milk.
Alternatively, place the breast milk into a ziplock bag and then into 2-3 more ziplock bags so if it leaks we will still get all the liquid gold. This is the riskier option so please try the first method.

***Please DO NOT send vials, cups or containers, they almost always leak!***

We strongly advise that you photograph your inclusions you are sending and keep for personal referece alog with your tracking number if you have one.

Be sure to label every inclusion with your name and the childs name if the inclusions are for more than one child, include a had written or tryed note in with your order and sealed in a ziplock bag to protect form leaks clearly stating what inclusions are in the package you are sending and for what item of jewelery they will be included in.

This was, if you fail to include an intende inclusion in your package then we can immediately address the issue.

Please write your full name on the pouch and place the pouch in a padded envelope or CD mailer box. The cost
should be about $3 – $5.
Please send the milk to-

PO Box 109
Miners Rest
3352 Victoria


I Have a discount code

Discount codes can be used on any product in the store APART FROM Custom listings, gift vouchers, pay it forward tickets and placenta encapsulation

Does the Australia Post allow breast milk to be shipped?

Yes. It just has to be marked “liquid”.

Breast milk separates, is this OK?

Yes, this is fine, we fully mix all milk before beginning the process.

Can I use frozen milk?

Yes, just be sure to defrost it before sending so the envelope doesn’t get wet and rip.

How will I know when you’ve received my milk?

You will receive an update in your “my account” alerting you of its arrival
Once we have shipped your product it will be marked as ‘shipped’.
You will be notified by email when the status changes.

How long will it take?

The whole process takes about 13 -16 weeks from the day we receive your milk.

We reserve the right to change this wait time without notice to reflect our workload, it is up to you to keep yourself updated on the facebook page and website as to the changes to this wait time.

Post generally takes around 1 week within Australia, 2-4 weeks from overseas – both for the milk to get to me and the jewellery to get back.

I want to change my inclusions or shimmers

Unfortunately we work of order sheets, out artist will make your order in accordance to the instructions given at the time of order, you may request a change through one of our admins but there is no guarantee that this will be received before your order is made or even if this is passed onto your notes.

I want to change my address.

We do not take responsibility for orders being posted to addresses on your original order, if this is the address that you have placed for your order then this is where your order will be posted, please be make sure that your mail has been correctly redirected with the post office to ensure that your order is received if you have changed mailing addresses.

Why is mine taking longer than normal?
Everyone’s milk is different, some milk comes out of my pot almost dry and some take a week to be dry enough to add it to the jewellery, adding it before it is ready compromises the jewellery’s lifespan

If you have any more questions feel free to ring me on 0481192404 or email hello@breastmilkjewellery.com

How do I post from international?

It is soul responsibility of the csutomer to fully read, understand and follow the instructions of international post orders, failure to do so WILL result in destruction of your goods at Australian Customs and may also result in a warning or possible fine from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

for further information on complience and risk, you can contact Elsa Hunter, Investigator – Enforcement section, Melbourne Complience Division at Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 0466 328 706

Download this form HERE and fill the form out correctly, making sure to read the entire form and abiding by the clear instructions Permit: 0000262751
Permit Conditions
It is the Importer’s responsibility to ensure that the following permit conditions are met in
relation to each consignment. Where more than one set of permit conditions is shown for a commodity please read each set of conditions to determine which applies to a specific consignment.

1. Products containing biological material
This section contains permit conditions for the following commodity (or commodities):
1. Human Therapeutics
1.1. Biosecurity Pathway
This permit allows for the import of the following products only:
– Human breast milk
– Human placenta
– Human umbilical cord

For further information please contact:
Regional – Clearance assistance:
Canberra – Administrative assistance or technical assistance: email
imports@agriculture.gov.au (See Attachments) or phone 1800 900 09

Shopping Information

How long does it take?

Currently, do to a high volume of orders, and only Cindy solely working on your inclusions, the wait time currently sits around 13 weeks from the time that we receive your inclusions.
This expected time may change closer to times such as Christmas, Mothers day, Fathers day, so please be sure to esquire if you are unsure if your item will arrive in time for these holidays

My item is lost in the post!

Breastmilk Jewellery and it’s staff members do not take any responsibility for lost posted items, you must contact the relevant business and lodge a claim

Orders and Returns


Cindy takes great pride and care in her work, every piece is an extension of herself and every order is handmade with a great deal of admiration for the Journey that the piece will represent to the owner.
The professional preservation method of Breastmilk is a trade skill that Cindy has worked very hard at perfecting, every DNA artist has their own method, these methods consists of a “dry” or a “wet” method, Cindy has perfected both a dry and a wet method.
Not all breastmilk is the same colour, some have a blue tinge, some is creamy and others is a little on the very light orange side, it really does depend on the length of time that the mother has been feeding and also their diet.
As you can understand this colour variation can reflect in the individual items crafted, especially when a “dry” method is used, so, having said that, if your piece is not pure white, then that is because your milk is not pure white.


We recommend due to the personal nature of your inclusions that when posting them to us you pay for tracking. By doing so you may monitor your package at all times and reduce the chance of lost mail.

In the event that your inclusions are lost in the post, we ask that you send further inclusions. BMJ is not liable for any losses which may result from the non-delivery of your inclusions.

If you have made an incorrect selection for your order please contact us as soon as possible. If the making of your order has not commenced we may be able to accommodate the change. In line with our terms and conditions below, we do not provide refunds for incorrect selections.

Upon completion of your order and postage, you will receive a confirmation email which includes a tracking number.



In these Terms & Conditions:

  1. ACL means the Australian Consumer Law set out in a Schedule to the Competition and

Consumer Act 2010 (Cth);

  1. BMJ means Breast Milk Jewellery;
  2. Consumer Guarantee has the meaning given to that term in the Competition and Consumer       Act 2010 (Cth);
  3. Customer means the person or entity ordering the Goods, as shown on the invoice, purchase order or other document evidencing an order for Goods;
  4. Goods means those products listed on an invoice and/or sold by BMJ to the Buyer from time  to time;
  5. GST means the goods and services tax levied under the GST Act;
  6. GST Act means the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth) as amended.            


  1. These Terms & Conditions apply to all sales of Goods by BMJ to the Customer unless expressly waived or varied by BMJ in writing.
  2. These Terms & Conditions prevail over any conditions on the Customer’s order to the extent of any inconsistency.
  3. Each order of Goods by the Customer and each payment made by the Customer to BMJ represents the Customer’s unequivocal and irrevocable acceptance that these Term’s & Conditions apply as a legally binding contract between BMJ and the Customer.
  1. PRICE
  1. The order of precedence for determining the price of the Goods shall be:
    1. the price shown on BMJ’s invoice;
    2. BMJ’s current ruling price at the date of delivery; and
    3. any quotation is given by BMJ.
  2. BMJ makes no warranty that the price of Goods at the date of delivery shall be the same as

at the date of order or quotation. If the Customer requests or agrees to variations, the Customer must pay the cost of such variations (as assessed by BMJ) in addition to the price.

  1. Prices quoted do not include freight or delivery.
  2. Unless specifically stated, all prices quoted exclude GST.
  1. LAY-BY
  1. BMJ may, but is not obliged to, supply the Customer with the Goods on lay-by which does not require payment in full at the time of purchase.
  2. At checkout, BMJ requires a 30% down payment of the Goods you wish to lay-by.
  3. BMJ offers the remaining price of the Goods on lay-by over 1, 2, or 3 monthly instalments.
  4. BMJ does not craft your item until your lay-by is completed. Similarly, your purchase is not delivered until after the final instalment is paid in full. BMJ, therefore, asks that you do not send your inclusions before the completion of your lay-by.
  5. Postage of a Customer’s inclusions prior to completing payment may result in the return of the inclusions.
  6. BMJ applies a 1.9% administration fee on lay-by purchases.
  7. If you wish to cancel your lay-by BMJ applies a termination fee equal to half of the lay-by amount. This termination fee is charged in order to cover the initial costs required to hand-craft jewellery. The remaining half of the lay-by will be returned to the Customer after the termination fee has been paid.
  8. BMJ may withdraw, suspend or vary the conditions of your lay-by at any time.
  9. The Customer warrants and acknowledges that:
    1. the Customer has read and understood this clause; and
    2. that the Customer can pay its lay-by instalments as and when they fall due.
  1. Notwithstanding any prior arrangement with the Customer, BMJ reserves the right to require full payment before commencing manufacture of and/or ordering inputs and/or setting aside the Goods.
  1. Once full payment has been received BMJ must receive your inclusions within 3 months.   

Failure to receive your inclusions with 3 months of you placing your order will result in the forfeiture of your order and payment.

  1. The current completion and delivery time for orders is 13 to 16 weeks.
  2. Delivery times are estimates only and BMJ will not be liable for any loss, damage or delay to the Customer (or its customers) arising from late delivery or non-delivery.
  3. For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions, Goods will be deemed to have been delivered when delivered into the possession of a carrier engaged by BMJ to deliver the Goods to the Customer.
  4. BMJ is not responsible to the Customer or any other person claiming through the Customer for any loss or damage to Goods in transit.
  5. BMJ will not take responsibility for the postage of the item being posted to a different address as advised on the order, it is the customers sole responsibility to redirect their mail
  1. The Customer shall inspect all Goods immediately upon delivery/completion and shall not

make any claim in respect of the Goods unless the Goods are defective and the Customer provides written notice of any alleged defect to BMJ (defect notice) within seven (7) days of delivery.

  1. If the Customer fails to give a defect notice in accordance with this clause, then subject to

any non-excludable condition implied by law, the Goods shall be deemed to have been accepted by the Customer.

  1. If BMJ accepts a defect notice, the Customer must permit BMJ to have access for the purpose of attending to any agreed remedial work.

No order may be cancelled without the consent of BMJ and is at the absolute discretion of BMJ.


Except as required under any applicable law, BMJ is not obliged to accept the return of any Goods, and will only do so on terms agreed in writing.

BMJ is not responsible for the postage cost of returned items.

  1. Given the Goods are handcrafted and contain materials that are personal to the Customer and provided by them refunds are not provided Unless the Goods are faulty or contain a manufacturing defect.
  2. Variations in colour or texture do not constitute a defect. The Customer acknowledges that photos and other material on the BMJ website are indicative only and that the Goods may differ.
  1. TITLE

Title to Goods does not pass to the Customer until payment in full is received by BMJ from the Customer.

  1. These Terms & Conditions contain the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all previous agreements concluded between the parties. Each order and invoice (or delivery slip) shall constitute a binding and enforceable contract between BMJ and the Customer on the terms set out in these Terms & Conditions.
  2. Any attempt by the Customer to impose any variation or additional terms inconsistent with these Terms & Conditions shall not bind BMJ.
  1. RISK

Risk in the Goods passes to the Customer upon delivery or pickup of the Goods.


Except as expressly set out, BMJ makes no express warranties or other representations under these Terms & Conditions.

  1. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions purports to modify or exclude the Consumer

Guarantees, or any other right available to the Buyer under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (including the ACL).

  1. Except as expressly set out, BMJ makes no express warranties or other representations

under these Terms & Conditions.

  1. BMJ’s liability in respect of the Consumer Guarantees and any other warranties is limited to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  2. To the extent permitted by statute, the Consumer Guarantees and any other warranties or representations are void if the Customer or any other person:
    1. attempts to modify, reverse engineer, decompile, create other works or products from, or disassemble any part of the information contained in or extrapolated or executed from the Goods;
    2. interferes with, alters or removes any packaging or labelling of any of the Goods;
    3. causes or permits any contamination of the Goods; or
    4. fails to comply with manufacturer’s instructions in relation to the use, application, storage and integrity of the Goods (including specifications and installation guidelines set out in any product manual).
  3. To the extent permitted by law, the liability of BMJ from the failure of any Goods to comply with the Consumer Guarantees or any other warranty or condition implied by law shall be limited to (at BMJ’s option):
    1. the replacement or resupply of the Goods;
    2. the cost of replacement or resupply of the Goods;
    3. the repair of the Goods; or
    4. the cost of the repair of the Goods.

These Terms & Conditions are to be interpreted in accordance with the Acts of the State of Victoria Australia, and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of that State.

  1. Force Majeure: The Customer releases BMJ from any claim, liability or responsibility

concerning late delivery or failure to deliver Goods if this is due to strike, lockout, riot, industrial action, fire, storm, tempest, act of God, material shortage, government law or regulation or requirement or any other cause beyond the control of BMJ and no such failure shall entitle the Customer to cancel and order or withhold payment.

  1. Dispute Resolution: If a dispute arises out of, or in any way in connection with, or otherwise relates to the supply of Goods, these Terms & Conditions or the breach, termination, validity or subject matter thereof, or as to any related claim at law, in equity or pursuant to any statute, the parties agree that they must not commence proceedings (other than for urgent interlocutory relief) in respect of such dispute until the parties first meet in good faith and use their best endeavours to resolve the dispute to their mutual satisfaction.
  1. Variation: BMJ may vary these Terms & Conditions from time to time, by notice in writing to the Customer.

These terms and conditions have been professionally provided by our solicitor and are in accordance to the relevant legal requirements put upon us by ACCC

Who creates my Jewellery?

Currently, Cindy is the only one that will create your Jewellery.
Jessie, Breastmilk Jewellery’s admin, can also craft your jewellery in the USA if you do not want to ship to Australia, please enquirer about this before placing your order .

Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately due to all of our items being hand crafted and containing materials that are of no value to any one else but the buyer, we do not refund.
We may consider a store credit on a case to case basis

How long do i have to post my inclusions?

Please post your inclusions with in 3 moths of ordering, we order all of the supplies for your orders as they come in, so to be fair to us, and to not cause confusion in the studio, we recommend posting as soon as you can.
If you have made a order and do not post your inclusions, we do not refund your purchase, as orders for settings and flecks have already been made our end to make your order.

I am local, can I come around and drop my inclusions off ?

Due to Cindy working from her personal home, we do not allow drop off to her personal address.
If you wish to drop off your inclusions to avoid postage fees, you are welcome to take it to our PO Box 109 at the Miners rest post office and ask the lovely staff to place it in out PO Box for us to collect.
You must still clearly label your drop off with your name and order number.

Do you create custom orders?

However, to cover administration costs of researching your materials for a custom order, a $20 custom order fee applies.
Please contact us on facebook to esquire

How do i add flecks and shimmers to my order ?

Please make a note in the comments section of check out with your preference to additions to your inclusions
Please note, opal, and fluorite do come at a extra cost to your Jewellery, flecks and shimmers are free to add

What happens with my left over inclusions?

We post all left over inclusions back with your Jewellery, apart from breastmilk.
If there is any left over pour from your breastmilk, Cindy will include a small extra gift from the left overs, this gift will be random and will depend on the amount left over and what molds/settings are available to her at the time

Do your beads fit a pandora bangle?

Yes, they sure do.

My ring doesn’t fit, can I have it resized ?

Yes you sure can, head to the ring resizing listing in the ring section of the store or follow this link HERE