DNA Artist Settings

Welcome to the DNA Artist Supplies page

All supplies here are handmade by our very talented Jeweller, they are excellent quality and are designs that you just won’t be able to find elsewhere with such quality, Jenny loves to mainly work with Gold and diamonds, but she is not limited to this.

If you have an idea for a design that you wish to have Jenny hand make for you, please contact us for a quote, please keep in mind that any design that you have us make up for you will also be available here for others to purchase, but saying that, the circle of artists that have access to this page is very small and controlled.

The Jewellery will be displayed here with pricing and if you wish to purchase it then please contact us and we will create a custom listing for you to do so, if you wish your custom listing to be discrete then that is fine also, we will create your listing as a code instead of a name.

Please don’t share your password with anyone else, we can see who has accessed this page and if we find that there is any unapproved artist viewing the shop then the password will be changed immediately and IP addresses blocked from accessing the page, this may seem harsh but we don’t want these pieces to become a “typical” design amongst artist, this page/store is about keeping some originality to the industry and making that possible to you’s with a qualified jewellery and stone setter as opposed to the limitations of a typical metalsmith.

You as the reseller are free to place a RRP to your settings as you see fit, we understand that everyone has different margins and that is fine, I don’t see this as undercutting ect, it is more that different artists have a different worth and that is completely fine

Oval Halo Ring

Hover Box Element

This oval halo is sterling silver base and 18k gold thick plated with CZ stones, it is available in sizes 7 and 8 but can be resized by Jenny if need be

Cost price $29 AUD

It comes in Yellow gold, Rose gold, White gold and Sterling silver