We are so excited to be able to offer you one on one custom designs with a real jeweller


What do we love more than crafting?, designing!

We have been very fortunate to be able to bring on board to the Breastmilk Jewellery team, Jenny, who is a jeweller, artist, designer, creator and a skilled handcrafter.

Do you have a design in mind but just can’t for the life of you find it with any other DNA Jeweller?, we can help!.


With out custom order option you have the opportunity to have a hands on experience with our team to have the perfect keepsake made for you.

We off all of the golds (yellow, white, rose) and sterling silver options, we can even re invent your exisiting ring.

Do you just adore your Grandmothers ring and want to model a ring, pendant, bangle, earrings off that?, we can do that too!.


I knew what I wanted but could not get it wth any other artist, I was so happy to find Cindy’s custom order option, I now have a piece that represents me perfectly! – thank you ladies.

We have a special Custom Order Keepsake group to make your experience easier, here you can directly chat to Jenny, our Jeweller and your DNA Artist, Cindy, and even post ideas in the group for discussion.

Please keep in mind that custom jewellery can add some time to the wait time for your order, but we guarantee that it will be worth the wait.

Wait time depends on Jenny’s work load at the time.

Jenny, the very talented Jeweller