10 things to do on Mother's Day quarantined

10 things to do on Mother's Day quarantined

Oh Mumma....I see you!

Hello Mumma, I see you!, tired, stressed, kids are driving you up the wall, your trying to get 1000 things done in one day and there is not enough hours, you have teachers on your back, kids nagging, work demanding deadlines, hungry Husbands...


And, just when you think that you MAY actually get a Day off ( I use that term loosely), the world goes into quarantine.

For us Victorian's there is no sight of ending the restrictions soon despite the rest of the country easing theirs, and it s frustrating, but essential, but did I mention FRUSTRATING.

We have compiled 10 things that you can do at home on Mothers Day to make the most of your Day with the least stress.

  • Pre arrange with hubby to have a lay in and place your order for your Breakfast in bed, lay out the ingredients the day before if you have to, grab yourself a magazine, my favourite is Frankie and enjoy as well deserved break in bed with your breakfast and a magazine


  • Make the rest of the week as easy as you can for yourself by subscribing to Hello Fresh, they have a great variety of meals even vegan and gluten free, they come with all of the ingredients and instructions so it is so easy even hubby could do it 


  • Learn a new art online, take the afternoon off with a online art course while enjoying a wine, you can search for your perfect class here


  • Go for a family bike ride, exercise is still encouraged and if weather permits it is the perfect way to kill a few hours


  • Make some delicious smelling bath bombs with the kids, its an excellent excuse to try them out later on before bed, you can get your simple recipe at The best ideas for kids


  • Travel the world, virtually, take a tour of some amazing places from the comfort of your own couch, you don't even have to get dressed to enjoy it, check out some of the amazing virtual tours at Good Housekeeping


  • Set up a binge watch date with your Mum and organise a date to watch a movie together, you can screen share your Netflix share on Zoom


  •  Let the kids pamper you, my kids love nothing more than to do my make up and my nails, why not try a new hair style with some awesome Youtube hair style tutorial for kids 


  •  Give a DIY breastmilk Jewellery kit a go, you can find them on our website under DIY Kits


  • Have hubby do one or two classes of homeschool with the kids to ease your Mondays load 


We wish you all an amazing Mothers Day, no matter how you celebrate it.

Before you go, why not check out one of my current favourite bloggers, Motherhood Unplugged, they now also have a Motherhood Unplugged Uncut FaceBook group, it is the perfect place for non judgement 

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