Mum and Daughter selfie

Listen up Dad’s!

We have just returned home from holidays 🫶.

Every year I take the entire Christmas School Holidays off from work at Breastmilk Jewellery without guilt and engross myself into my Children and their fast aging lives to just….fucking enjoy them !!.

During this time I love to take photos, videos and even make silly little videos with the kids and just use our imagination and make memories, memories I love to look back on in twelve months time and coo over their sweet memories.

which had me scrolling my phone for photos of our previous camping trips.

i came to notice one thing, and i bet as a Mum, if you took a look at your photos on your phone you will notice one reoccurring similarity, how many of the photos of you and your children selfies?

For me, all of them.

i have heaps of my Children playing with their Dad and I always love the candid captures of natural play and unexpected snaps and the stories they tell, you can read a lot into one candid picture, the raw moments, the good and the bad, the throwing over the shoulder of a tantrum toddler or the changing of a nappy, the lazy naps with the kids in the couch and the fun summer Sunday sprinkler and water fights, all moments captured that require someone else looking on with fondness ready to forever freeze a beautiful care free moment in your parenting journey.

So to the Dads I say this, take the snap!, it’s a second of your life, and it means the world to her, it really does!.

And if it doesn’t now, it will in time 


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