Bored in the house and in the house bored...

Bored in the house and in the house bored...

Welcome to lockdown 8.0 Victorian Mumma's

Wow, what a shit storm, literally this has been the hardest year I have ever faced in business and this role they call parenting.

Now I am not one to normally complain, BUT...

I am sure I am not the only Mum out there that is trying to run a full time business, homeschool their children who don't listen to you, keep a Husband who is wondering where your superwoman powers have gone happy and look like you have your shit together at the same time while wearing the same undies for the second day in a row with half a head of eyelashes, face full of mask pimples, a crutch so hairy your questioning if the cat is sleeping on you of a night and legs so hairy that your co sleeping child asks you to remove your pants in bed because their itching her only to reveal your not wearing pants at all!.

Did you read that all in one breath?, because I screamed this at the computer screen in one breath while typing it.

Those little minions we created with such love and blessing have now turned on me in protest like a sea of construction workers in a protest but instead of hurling beer bottles they are hurling clothes and toys from one end of the house to the other, the other day I lost the cat, LITERALLY LOST THE CAT, I found her hours later, curled up in the empty linen cupboard, not sure if she retired herself there to get away from the Kids or if the kids accidentally locked her in there but it did reveal to me a very nice place to keep in mind for wine drinking and Tiktok watching for future mental health breaks.

If someone told me 3 years ago that we would be in this position today, I would not have believed them, bloody conspiracy theorists ...only, are they?, they are sounding less and less crazy as this fuckery unfolds.

I have started collecting vegetable plants and thought it would be nice for the kids to plant a little veggie garden, you know, celebrate the newly acquired armpit hair I have established in the last few months and live simple and green, yeah, their still sitting in the same pots I purchased them in on the window cill staring at me screaming " water me!" every time I walk past, even the plants are now one extra mouth I have to feed and a soul I have to keep alive.

who am I kidding!.

But you know what, I am doing my best while letting my best go, we as Mums are always putting everyone else before us and there is literally no time for us at the end of the Mumma shift.

We are also being super hard on ourselves during these times as well, and with he pressure of social media and Instagram posts of influencers having their shit together and presenting their best life every day even during these hard times it has us questioning ourselves.

I put to you, you QUEENS, that it is time to get that Mum Drum out and start beating it loud and proud, repeat after me! " IM A MUM AND I FEEL OLD, IM NOT A FUCKING WRECKING BALL..." lets support each other and feel the release of emotion and tension that comes with having a good vent without judgement, laugh at ourselves and our failures and cheer the success's even if that success is that you remembered to change your undies today.

Don't believe me when I say im a mess also and its ok?, * insert pic HERE of me in my current state typing this blog please*


Yes, I do have pants on, today, I can not guarantee my Kids do however.

So Queen's, if you made it to the end of this blog come and join us at The Mum Drum Official, a group where us Queen's can kick to the curb the judegment's and the expectations of everyday life of beating the Mum Drum, can't wait to see you all there x 

Stay safe, stay home ( unless your in your ninja gear and its 1am ) and TRY for the love of wine to stay sane 

Love Cin 

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