Cindy Hobbs

Professional DNA Artist

I have been a professional DNA artist since 2014.

I become interested in offering families tangible keepsakes after the loss of our stillborn baby boy.

Being able to hold something so meaningful and bring comfort and attachment to ones life after loss, be it the death of a dear loved one or the end of a breastfeeding journey, brings with it healing, accomplishment and a sense of achievement.

I believe we should be able to honor all achievements and losses in life, it makes us stronger and prepares us for new chapters

I lovingly craft for families all over the world.

I work with all inclusions, including Breastmilk, Placenta, First curl, Cremation ashes of all kind, Moon cycle, Wrap scrap, First tooth, and so much more.

Custom orders are most certainly welcome.

I look forwards to being able to craft for you a special keepsake, whatever your journey.


0497 265 396


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